Kilt Outfit Rental


Kilt Outfit Rental


The entire kilt outfit includes the a Black Prince Charlie Jacket and Vest, Kilt, Sporran, Belt and Buckle, Kilt Hose Purchase, Shoes, Flashes, Fake Sgian Dubh.

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Bow Tie

Fly Plaid and Brooch

Yard of tartan fringed over the shoulder with a brooch

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The entire Kilt Outfit Rental includes Kilt, Prince Charlie Jacket and Vest, Semi Formal Sporran, Belt and Buckle, Kilt Hose, Garter Flashes, Sgian Dubh, Ghillie Brogues, and a Black Bow Tie.
Select the Date of the Event, so we can make sure  it arrives a few days before. A refundable $35 security deposit is added, and refunded upon return of the rental items. Shipping is usually around $60 round trip for UPS Ground shipping. If you live here in Utah and would prefer to pick it up and drop it off instead, that can be selected.  If the shipping is more or less than $60 we’ll add to or take it away from your  security deposit. That will be reflected on your Rental Agreement.

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Weight 176 oz