Scottish Kilt Rental

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Edinburgh Castle Scottish Imports has been renting formal Highland Wear to people all over the United States for more than 40 years. Looking for the Prince Charlie and the Whole Nine Yards, or wanting specific kilt outfit accessories to complete your outfit, then we are the Scottish Kilt Rental source for you. We rent locally here in Utah, or we can ship the outfit to you anywhere in the United States. We rent a Scottish Kilt Rental for both adults and youth. The only item you will need to supply yourself is a dress shirt.

  • Your Choice of tartan is Black Watch or Royal Stewart Kilt from the Finest Scottish Kilt Makers
  • Prince Charlie Jacket and Vest
  • All the accessories to complete your outfit
  • UPS Ground shipping whenever possible to keep the cost down
  • Discounts for Larger Groups

Adult Rental

Rental Adult Cost Child Cost
Kilt $49 $25
Jacket and Vest $40 $20
Sporran $15 $8
Belt and Buckle $10 $5
Shoes $15 $8
Kilt Hose Purchase $18 $15
Sgian Dubh Fake (Real) $6 ($8) $6
Garter Flashes $2 $2
Bow Tie $0 $0
Total $155 $89
Possible Additions
Fly Plaid $7
Plaid Brooch $7

If your outfit does need to be shipped out of state, shipping Usually is around $60 for round trip UPS Ground. We will ship UPS Ground when possible to keep cost down for you. Your rental will arrive 3-4 days before the event. We also charge a $35 or 20% refundable security deposit. The only item we do not
rent that you would need to provide for yourself, is a dress shirt.

ORDER TODAY!!! You can contact us: Phone 801-364-1406 or 888-384-0930 or If you require only one outfit you can also .