Tartan Scarves, Sashes, Tams, Ties, Travelrugs

Edinburgh Castle Scottish Imports carries Tartan Scarves, Ties, Tams, Travelrugs, and whatever you need in Scottish Tartan. We have hundreds of Tartan Ties, Lambswool Scarves, Ladies Rosette Sashes, Sashes, Tartan Tams in finewool and Lambswool. All of our tartan comes from some of the finest woollen mills in Scotland. Most of the tartan sashes and ties come in 10oz-11oz pure new Scottish wool. The Lambswool Scarves and Tams are made with soft lambswool. All products are made in Scotland by skilled craftsmen and women who design, dye, warp, weave, mend and tailor our Scottish tartans and textiles. Some of the most renowned suppliers and manufacturers of Scottish tartan, providing authentic tartan fabric and superior quality. We have access to hundreds of Scottish Clan tartans, Scottish District and Irish County tartans. We have also began to carry the range of Welsh Tartans made in Wales. Edinburgh Castle Scottish Imports has all your Tartan needs for Scarves, Ties, Tams, and Travelrugs.

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